Zain Internet Packages (Prepaid & Postpaid) KSA

Zain internet packages KSA

Zain is the best prepaid and postpaid network in Saudi Arabia and it is offering best-prepaid telecom internet offers. This network is offering cheap internet offers daily, weekly and monthly. If you belong to Saudi Arabia and have a prepaid SIM card then you can activate the Zain internet packages that is given below.

We will show you prepaid, postpaid and Shabab internet packages for KSA. The internet offers are starting from 2.3 SAR which is a very little amount. Anyone can afford these packages and can easily subscribe to any internet like daily, weekly and monthly packages. we will show you here some good internet packages and compare them. If you are a new visitor in Saudi Arabia then you can choose the Zain network and also can see the best prepaid network in Saudi Arabia.

Zain Shabab Internet Packages

Zain is offering 1GB internet for 1 month which cost about 34 SAR. This package is valid for Zain prepaid and postpaid customers. To activate this package simply send Send D1000 to 959. Zain is offering other packages like this. Users who use the Internet a lot can activate Zain’s unlimited internet packages.

When you buy a new SIM card, the company initially gives you some free internet. In addition, new customers get internet packages at special discounts. If the user wants to activate the package for a period of 6 months, 3 months or 12 months, the company gives him a discount of 20% to 55%. If you have come to Saudi Arabia to live or work for a long time, you are going to benefit a lot from Zain Network.

Internet Price Validity
2GB Data 57.5 SAR 1 MONTH
5GB Data 86.5 SAR 1 MONTH
10GB 109.25 SAR 1 MONTH
10GB 189.75 SAR 3 MONTHS
100GB 368 SAR 3 MONTHS
300GB 517 SAR 3 MONTHS
150GB 414 SAR 3 MONTHS
Unlimited Data 11 SAR DAILY
5G Weekly Unlimited 85 SAR WEEKLY
5G Monthly Unlimited 349 SAR MONTHLY
5G 3 Months Unlimited 999 SAR 3 MONTHS
Daily YouTube 9 SAR DAILY
Weekly YouTube 39 SAR WEEKLY
Monthly YouTube 99 SAR MONTHLY

Here are some social packages that are designed for Zain prepaid and postpaid users. Customers can activate these packages and can use free social apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Imo. Those customers who come from abroad can activate these packages and can stay connected with their friends and family. Customers can talk with their friends and family on the social app Whatsapp after activating the Whatsapp monthly, daily and weekly offers.

Zain Social Apps Packages for Prepaid and Postpaid

Offer Price Validity
5G Social+5GB Data 67.85 SAR Monthly
20GB Social 113.85 SAR Monthly
Unlimited Daily Social 5 SAR Daily
Unlimited Weekly Social 20 SAR Weekly
Unlimited Monthly Social 60 SAR Monthly

Customers can get 5GB of internet and 5GB of data for social apps at 67 SAR per month. This package is valid for prepaid customers can they can activate this package by sending its subscription code Send S59 to 959. Include these 10GB internet Zain is providing free 400 local call minutes to talk Zain to Zain network. After ending the package, customers can renew this package at the same price by repeating the subscription method.

Shabab Prepaid Internet and All In One Packages

Shabab is a prepaid tarrif of Zain network and this is also offering different type of internet packages. If you have Zain simple prepaid SIM then you can move to Shabab and can enjoy different type of internet packages and offers. Shabab users can get 5GB internet data and 5GB for social apps. Incluse these resources Shabab users also will get 400 Zain to Zain free calling minutes just in 59 SAR. Subscribtion method is very easy, just go to messages and write a new message S59 and send it to 959.

Zain internet packages KSA

Shabab is also offering 20GB, 50GB, 80GB and 95GB internet packages at low rates and different validity. Customers can get unlimited internet packages for daily, weekly and monthly basis. Unlimited internet offer is available at 458 SAR per month in which all Shabab and Zain prepaid customers will receive unlimited 4G and 5G internet, unlimited social apps like Free Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Include these resources zain customers will receive free unlimited on-net Zain to Zain calls for all over the month.

Unlimited Internet Packages

Unlimited internet packages are the most important if we work online, work in office or watch the live Tv channels. Many customers have complaint that they cannot use internet for longtime because there internet bandwidth go end before its expiry date. Zain have many 5G unlimited internet packages that can be subscribed easily at low costs. These packages are valid for prepaid, postpaid and Shabab users.

Daily Unlimited Package:

This package is offering unlimited mobile phone internet for 1 day at low costs. Customers can get unlimited internet data at 11 SAR per day by sending  DUL to 959. If customers have already installed Zain app then they an activate this package from there.

Here is another unlimited package for Zain customers that os providing unlimited calling minutes and unlimited 5G internet. Customers can talk with their friends and family without any limited minutes. The price of this package 15 SAR and customers can activate Zain unlimited internet and call package by sending AUL to 959.

Weekly 5G Unlimited Internet Offer:

Those customers who want to subscribe weekly packages can activate unlimited weekly internet package on Zain. Shabab users and postpaid users are also eligible to use this package. This package price is 45 SAR and customers can activate this package by sending 420 to 959. If the package is ended or expired and customers want to unsubscribe from this offer then they can send 4202 to 959. They will receive package subscription confirmation SMS and next time this package will never automaticly renewed.

Monthly Unlimited Internet Package:

All prepaid, postpaid and Zain users who need monthly unlimited internet package can activate this package at the lowest prices of 349 SAR per month. By activating this package customers will be able to use unlimited 5G internet, and unlimited social apps without any hassle.

If you are a new user and you buy a new prepaid card for 5G internet then this is the best offer for you. You can also make a family group and can share this internet with your friends and family by using the mobile hotspot. If there are four members in one family then the package cost fore one member about 87 SAR. It is not a expensive package and you can buy this package by singing 415 to 959.

These packages are offered by Zain KSA network and we have only show you best and unlimited internet packages. This post and the packages list can help you to choose the best and cheap internet package according your need. When any new package will announced, we will try to update this post and provide its all details here. You can also visit Zain KSA official website to buy online SIM cards or check the details of latest plans and offers.

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