STC KSA Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly and Monthly

STC internet packages

STC is the Saudia Arabia mobile phone network that is offering the best and cheap STC Internet Packages. If you are from Saudia Arabia or you are a tourist and currently living in Saudia Arabia then you may know about its all-in-one offers/packages. You can see them all in one internet offers and packages.

STC provides prepaid and postpaid services in Saudi Arabia and has around 44 million subscribers. Because this network is providing cheap and prepaid, pay-as-you-go services so this network is mainly used there. When people from the whole world come to Hajj or Umrah in this country, they need a lot of internets. Customers can use Internet packages due to the highest rates of international calls. Because that social apps can be audio and video calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo, and Botim.

STC KSA Internet Packages – Sawa Internet Packages

STC has some internet packages in which customers will receive free calling minutes and SMS. These packages are also called In One package. Sawa or STC prepaid customers can get unlimited internet for 1 day at 20 SR. This package is valid for travellers, prepaid and Sawa customers. To subscribe to this package simply recharge the balance of 20 SR and send 2120 to 900.

Another weekly internet package for prepaid STC and Sawa users is providing unlimited internet. This package price is 100 SR per week. To activate this package on STC KSA simply send 2162 to 900.

Price Package Name Activation Validity
20 SR Unlimited Data Send 2120 to 900 1 Day
100 SR Unlimited Data Send 2162 to 900 1 Week
350 SR Unlimited Internet Send 2161 to 900 1 Month
15 SR 1GB Send 2151 to 900 1 Week
30 SR 1GB Send 2152 to 900 1 Month
50 SR 2GB Send 2153 to 900 1 Month
80 SR 5GB Send 2154 to 900 1 Month
110 SR 10GB Send 2155 to 900 1 Month
155 SR 10GB Send 2156 to 900 2 Months
180 SR 10GB Send 2157 to 900 3 Months
230 SR 50GB Send 2158 to 900 2 Months
350 SR 300GB Send 2159 to 900 3 Months
470 SR 300GB Send 2160 to 900 3 Months

These packages can be subscribed to on prepaid, postpaid and Sawa SIMs. If you are travelling and you are looking for a prepaid card in Saudi Arabia then you can choose a prepaid STC SIM card which cost 2 SR.

STC KSA All In One Monthly Package

All in one package are the best way to enjoy all offers in just one package. From these packages, customers will get free calling minutes for STC and other networks in Saudi Arabia, free internet and free SMS. These packages are available for daily, weekly and monthly validity.

Price Minutes & Mbs Activation Validity
276.0 SR Unlimited Calls minutes within STC Network+others call+Socal Mbs+100 GB Internet Send 7240 to 900 4 Weeks
195.5 SR Unlimited calls Minutes within STC Network+1000 other networks minutes+Social media Unlimited+40 GB internet Send to 7170 to 900 4 Weeks
132.25 SR Unlimited calls Minutes within STC Network+500 other networks+20 GB Social media+10 GB internet Send to 7115 to 900 4 Weeks
115.0 SR 250 minutes for all local networks+20 GB Social media+10 GB internet send to 7095 to 900 4 weeks
103.5 SR 200 minutes for all local network+10 GB Social media+10 GB internet Send to 7090 to 900 4 weeks
86.25 SR 500 minutes for within & outside STC Network+5 GB Social media+5 GB internet Send to 7175 to 900 4 weeks
40.25 SR 100 minutes for within & outside STC Network+1 GB Social media+ 1 GB internet Send to 7136 to 900 4 weeks
40.25 SR 50 minutes for within & outside STC Network+1 GB Social media+ 1 GB internet Send to 8116 to 900 4 weeks

Sawa Monthly Internet & Call Packages

STC customers can get unlimited calling minutes for STC, unlimited social networks and 100GB of internet. This package is available for Sawa prepaid customers. To subscribe to this package customers can send 7220 to 900 and can activate this package for 4 weeks at 253 SR.

Another amazing package that’s the price is 184 SR per 4 weeks. This package is offering free unlimited calling minutes which can be used for all Sawa and STC numbers. 30 GB of internet and unlimited social apps can be used for 4 weeks. Customers can activate this package by sending 7160 to 900. We have added Sawa internet packages that are prices and resources are given here. You can compare and activate any package that completes your requirements.

Price Minutes Social media Internet Activation Validity
253.0 SR Unlimited Unlimited 100 GB Send 7220 to 900 4 week
184.0 SR Unlimited Unlimited 30 GB Send 7160 to 900 4 week
126.0 SR Unlimited 15 GB 10 GB Send 7110 to 900 4 week
74.75 SR 500 Minutes 5 GB 4 GB Send 7065 to 7065 4 week
34.5 SR 200 Minutes 1 GB 1 GB Send 7030 to 7030 4 week
34.5 SR 30 Minutes for all network 1 GB 1 GB Send 8115 to 900 4 week
20 SR 100 Minutes to all local network Send 8112 to 900 4 week
35 SR 200 Minutes to all local network Send 8113 to 900 4 week

STC Prepaid Tariff Rates

These are the default rates of STC prepaid. These are applied when customers have not activated any internet, call or text message package.

Service Prepaid number tariff
Call Rates 55 Halala/Minute
Internet Rates 2 SAR/MB
Text Messages Rates 25 Halala/MB
Text Message (Other Network) 35 Halala/minute

Finally, we have added all new and old internet and all in one package. These packages can be subscribed to on prepaid and Sawa SIM cards. If you are a traveller and looking for the best internet packages for STC then this is the best post and you can easily compare all types of packages here.

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