Best Prepaid Internet Offers in UAE (All Networks)

Best Prepaid Internet Offers in UAE (All Networks)

Are you visiting UAE and looking for the Best Prepaid Internet Offers in UAE? If yes then you are in the right place. We are sharing with you the best telecom networks and their internet packages with you. So, read this post fully and filter the best internet provider in the United Arab Emirates.

We have already published a post in which we write about tourist SIM cards in UAE for travellers. This post helped our readers a lot, after which we thought of listing and comparing internet plans on all networks in the UAE. So, if you need the best internet service provider in UAE for prepaid then this post will help you to choose a good network.

Best Prepaid Internet Offers in UAE (All Networks)

There are three most famous mobile phone networks in the United Arab Emirates that are providing prepaid, postpaid and Wifi services all over the country. You can buy any new SIM card like Etisalat, DU and Virgin at a cheap rate and can activate any internet package that you like. We will show you one by one internet offer list that will be the best by internet usage, price and validity.

Etisalat UAE Internet Packages and Offers for Prepaid

Etisalat is the No.1 network in UAE and it is also working in different countries. You can choose Etisalat if you are going UAE for a long time. Wasel prepaid customers can get unlimited internet for 1 hour at 3 AED. This package can be subscribed to by dialling *800*5#. Another 3 hours internet package is offering unlimited internet at 6 AED. Those customers who have to need Etisalat internet for a limited time can activate this package. To activate this package, simply *800*5# or choose the 3 hours net offer.

If you need daily internet packages and offers you can continue using 75MB to 1000MB internet package. These packages are valid for only 1 day and all prepaid customers can activate them using their subscription method. The weekly internet packages are starting from 15 AED to 100 AED in which customers are able to select a 500MB internet package to a 7GB internet package per week. Dial *101# to choose the best internet packages and offers.

Monthly Etisalat internet packages are starting from 42 AED to 200 AED per month in which customers can choose internet packages from 2GB to 30GB per month. The higher the MB of the Internet, the higher the cost. So you can activate the internet package according to how much internet you need. For more information on packages or to activate them, dial *101# or call 101.

Unlimited3 AEDHourly
Unlimited6 AED3 Hours
1GBFREE12 Months
250 MB10 AED1 Day
500MB15 AED1 Day
1000MB30 AED1 Day
7GB100 AED7 Days
3.5GB60 AED7 Days
1.75GB40 AED7 Days
1.05GB25 AED7 Days
525 MB15 AED7 Days
2.1GB42 AED30 Days
7GB90 AED30 Days
14GB130 AED30 Days
28GB200 AED30 Days
  • To activate any package dial *101#
  • To check the internet package details or remaining balance send “data” to 1010.

DU UAE Internet Packages & Offers

Du is the second-largest telecom mobile phone network in UAE that is offering prepaid and postpaid internet packages and postpaid lines. Du has different types of internet packages and offers for prepaid and postpaid customers. You can activate internet packages on postpaid SIM cards easily at any time by using its subscription method or calling their helpline.

This network is also offering social internet packages and offers daily, weekly, monthly and hourly validity. These offers are available for prepaid and postpaid customers. The internet packages menu code is *135# that can be dialled to activate any internet service for prepaid and postpaid.

Du is offering a daily internet package that is offering 150MB of the internet at the lowest price of 3.5 AED. Customers can subscribe to this package by dialling *135*6#. With a daily social internet bundle, customers can get 200MB of the internet for 1 day. To activate the daily social 200MB internet package dial *135*5# after keeping the required recharge in your SIM.

Unlimited5 AED2 Hours
60MB3 AED1 Day
150MB4 AED1 Day
200MB3.56 AED1 Month
500MB57 AED1 Month
1.2GB115 AED1 Month
5GB220 AED1 Month
25 GB550 AED1 Month
10GB169 AED28 Days

Virgin Internet Packages for Prepaid

This network is popular and its subscribers are good because of its good coverage. If you come across packages of this network then you can buy a traveller sim card or prepaid sim of this network. Virgin is offering 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 6 months and 12 months internet packages. These packages are starting from 2GB to 100GB with different types of validates. Here are some internet packages that you can subscribe to and can enjoy the fastest internet in the United Arab Emirates.

2GB79 AEDMonthly
4GB119 AEDMonthly
10GB202 AEDMonthly
22GB322 AEDMonthly
50GB607 AEDMonthly
75GB807 AEDMonthly
100GB100 AEDMonthly
10GB1218 AED12 Months
22GB1932 AED12 Months
50GB3642 AED12 Months
75GB4842 AED12 Months
100GB6000 AED12 Months
21GB150 AED7 days
40GB200 AED10 Days
75GB300 AED15 Days

We have brought the information of all the networks internet packages in United Arab Emirates. You can easily compare the packages of each network with each other. By finding the packages of all the networks on one page, you can search a better and cheaper network. If you have been in Dubai for a short time then Etisalat is a great choice for you as there are many packages in this network and you can easily select and activate any good package. Also this network is offering free SIM card for new users that can be bought from any store and Etisalat franchise.

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