Best Tourist Prepaid Mobile Phone Networks in Libya

The beauty of Libya is very famous in the world but if we talk about tourist visas in this country then this is also a famous country where many people go to visit Libya with their friends and family. If your family or friend lives in Libya and you are going on a trip to Libya then you should know about Libya’s best prepaid mobile phone networks.

In Libya, there are 3G and 4G available on some mobile phone networks Almadar Aljadid is a 4G telecom operator and the Libyana network also has 4G. You can use the fastest internet in Libya using these networks on your smartphone and can connect with your friends and family using social networks. We will talk about tourist SIM cards in Libya and their prices.

Best Tourist Prepaid Mobile Phone Networks in Libya

There are currently three major telecom networks in Libya which are:

  1. Libyana
  2. Almadar Aljadid (Al Madar)
  3. Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT)

Only Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT) does not have 3G in Libya but other networks have 3G and 4G all services. Now, we will compare their internet offers, calling plans and international services & offers. All tourists who visit Libya can read this post to get an idea of a good mobile phone network in Libya that completes their needs.

1) Almadar Aljadid

Almadar Aljadid is a very old telecom network and it is offering prepaid and postpaid offers to all new and old customers. By using the Almadar Aljadid SIM card customers can easily make international calls, can call on a network of Libya, and can use unlimited internet using the prepaid SIM card offers. The new SIM card price is LYD 15 which can be bought from any Almadar Aljadid franchise or airport. If you come from abroad you can buy this SIM card from any airport in Libya.

Customers can make unlimited calls on all Almadar Aljadid numbers for just LYD 35 for 1 day. This offer is available for all prepaid and postpaid customers and customers can activate this offer by dialing 1213. If customers who come abroad want to call their home country then they can buy an international call package that cost about 55 LYD per week. From this customers will get 100 international minutes and SMS.

Those customers who want to get unlimited internet can subscribe to 10 bundles which cost about 80 Libyan Dinars/ month. This package offers 10GB mobile phone internet for 30 days to postpaid customers. Postpaid users can activate this package by dialling *000*110#. After dialling this code if customers will have the required balance, they will successfully be subscribed to this offer and can use it all over the internet for 30 days.

2) Libyana

Libyana network was founded in 2004 and it has 0.6 million subscribers in 2021. This network is offering prepaid SIM cards which can be used to make calls, send SMS and use the internet on mobile phones with GSM, HSPA, LTE 4G signals. They are not offering good offers to their customers like international minutes calling packages and unlimited on-net voice calling. So, you can make calls on any number at 0.15 LYD/min to any Libyana number.

The new prepaid Libyana SIM card price is 5 LYD and customers have to need to show their passport and Identity card to buy these SIMs. Once the SIM card is purchased customers can subscribe to any cheap and unlimited internet package to talk with their friends and family.

Now customers can subscribe to any of the daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly internet packages by dialling *555# or dialling *121# from their prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. Packages details and lists will appear on the screen that customers can subscribe to by just entering the package command only. Here we are showing you some internet packages that are available for all prepaid customers.

Libyana 4G internet Offers

Internet Cost Validity
100MB 1 LYD Weekly
400MB 3 LYD Weekly
800MB 4 LYD Weekly
2000MB 8 LYD 15 Days
4000MB 12 LYD 15 Days
6000MB 16 LYD 15 Days
15GB 25 LYD 30 Days
21GB 35 LYD 30 Days
50GB 50 LYD 30 Days

To subscribe to any of the given packages just dial *555#. If you have subscribed to any of the packages and want to cancel it then this service is not available yet. You can check your active package details by dialling *222*4#.

3) Libya Telecom & Technology

LTT network in Libya is offering a 40GB internet offer at 10 D.l. Customers will get an extra 30GB of the internet if they buy a new SIM card of LTT from any retailer or airport. This network is offering unlimited calling plans to its prepaid customers that are usable for LTT to LTT numbers in all of Libya. Super weekly offer is providing unlimited voice call services to make calls from Libya Telecom & Technology to all Libya Telecom & Technology numbers.

This network is mostly used to use the internet at the fastest speed in any area of Libya. So, while selecting the best prepaid SIM card you should select a good budget.

Final Thoughts about Best Tourist Prepaid Mobile Phone Networks in Libya

Most of the people in Libya use fixed lines but you are a traveller so, you have never need to pay a high amount for any fixed line. Best Tourist Prepaid Mobile Phone Networks in Libya post can help you to get the best telecom network. You can also buy a postpaid SIM card which provides all facilities like international calls, SMS and internet. If you have chosen a good prepaid and postpaid network in Libya then must share it with us in the comments.

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