Best Singapore Sim Card For Tourists – Internet, Calls and Text Plans

Best Singapore Sim Card For Tourists - Internet, Calls and Text Plans

Sim Card For Tourists International Roaming Charges Are High, So It’s Important To Buy A Prepaid Sim Card While You’re In Singapore. If This Is Your First Time Buying On From Abroad, Just That There Can Be Different Types Of Plans And Prices Of What The Offer. Here we will show you complete details of the Best Singapore SIM card for tourists.

List of Mobile Networks in Singapore

You can check the internet, calls, and message plans of each network and also can compare their prices. By doing this you can choose the best prepaid and postpaid SIM card in Singapore. Prepaid sim cards are a convenient way to stay in touch with family and friends while travelling. Here are the Best Singapore Sim Card For Tourists.

  1. Singtel Mobile
  2. Starhub
  3. Giga
  4. M1
  5. Simba

You can get a local sim card for $5 up to $60. There are different prepaid sim cards available with prices that range widely’ but all are pretty affordable. You can find prepaid sim cards for the tourists at the airports or from any franchise of your selected network.

Singtel Singapore Tourist Plans and Offers

Singtel Tourist SIM card provides 100GB of data for 28 days. If you want to get free minutes for calls and text messages then you have to activate another plan that cost $15. While using a Singtel tourist SIM card you can get 68 local call minutes, and 188 international call minutes for 120 days. Here are some tourist SIM cards and their prices.

Card Type Local Data Calls Text Price Validity
15 Hi 100GB + Unlimited Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp 500 Minutes + IDD 30 Minutes 100 SMS $15 7 Days
$12 Hi 100GB + Unlimited Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp 500 Minutes + IDD 30 Minutes 100 SMS $12 7 Days
$30 Hi 100GB + Unlimited Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp Unlimited + IDD 90 Minutes Unlimited $30 12 Days
$50 Hi 100GB + Unlimited Facebook, LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp Unlimited + IDD 90 Minutes Unlimited $50 15 Days

Singtel Singapore offers a tourist Sim card for 18 SGD in which customers will get 100 GB for 7 days. If you are visiting Singapore for 2 weeks then you can choose the 2 weeks bundle that provides free calls, internet and text messages at 30 SGD. The Daily internet price of Singtel is $7 which provides 2GB of free data for 24 hours. You can use this free internet on 3G and 4G without any hassle.

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The helpline number of Singtel is 1688 where you can call for any support and activation of the plan. If you want to use 5G on Singtel then you have to activate the monthly ultimate plan. This plan cost $40 and you can use 150GB on 5G with 10x faster speed internet.

Cheapest Singtel SIM Card For Tourists in Singapore

Package Singtel $15 Hi
Prices $8
Local Data 1.5 GB
Card Type Prepaid SIM Card
Calls outgoing (local ) $0.22/ Mint
Sms local $0.05/ SMS
Validity 30 Days

Starhub Singapore Sim Card

Starhub Sim Card Singapore is The Cheapest Tourist sim Card in Singapore. You Can get 100 GB at $12 lowest cost valid for 7 days including 1GB of roaming if you travel outside Singapore. If You prefer longer there are more packages available. Three months plans are also available at the lowest prices.

Data Validity Price
80GB 3 Months $20
100 GB 3 Months $25
120 GB 3 Months $45

StarHub SIM Only With no Contract Plan

There is only one plan that you can activate without any contract. Starhub SIM only no contract plan is providing unlimited talk time, 1000 SMS, 80GB internet data for one month in only $20. You have not need to buy any contract to get this SIM card. Just buy any prepaid SIM card and topup balance to activate this offer. For more information you can call at Starhub call center +65 6820 1633.

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Giga Singapore Sim Card Singapore

Giga SIM Card Singapore has many data packages which are given below. If you get a Giga Singapore sim Card you can get monthly 6GB internet plan in $10. With these packages customers will get also free calling minutes and text messages. Giga network is the best network who provides cheap internet and call plans to its customers. Here are some cheap internet and call plans for prepaid customers.

Best Deals For Tourists

Data Calls SMS Price
6GB 500 Minutes 500 SMS $10
100 GB 500 Minutes 500 SMS $20
120 GB 2000 Minutes 2000 SMS $25
150GB 10,000 Minutes 10,000 SMS $45

M1 Sim Card Is the Best Sim Card In a Singapore

M1 is the another largest telecommunication network in Singapore and providing the best prepaid and postpaid sim Cards. This is Faster Network in Singapore and also providing all in one, data, calls and SMS services. We will show here M1 traveller SIM plans in Singapore for prepaid and postpaid. This network is offering contract and no contract SIM cards.

Data Validity Calls Sms Price
100 GB 1 Month 5000 Min 600 $20
56 GB 1 Month 5000 Min 1000 $12
50 Gb 1 Month 3000 500 $14

TPG Simba Telecom

TPG is a new connection in Singapore Country that began its operation in Singapore so far. it providing 100GB internet data at $10 for one month. In this plan, customers will also able to talk 30 minutes on local call in all Singapore including 300 SMS. Another package, 50GB data is available in $8 including 25 minutes and 300 SMS.

Data Validity Calls Sms Price
100 GB 1 Month 30 Minutes 300 SMS $10
50 GB 1 Month 25 Minutes 300 SMS $8
50 GB 2 Weeks 40 Minutes 300 SMS $7
20 GB 1Day 50 Minutes 100 SMS $5

You can also get E SIM card while living in Singapore. E SIM card has many benefits like you can use multiple networks without any SIM card. This SIM card will be linked with mobile phone through a QR code. You have only need to signup from you carrier network and they will give you a QR code. Scan it with you mobile phone which is E SIM supported and your network will start works.

Advantages of e Sim Card”

  • You Receive Your E Sim Card Immideatly From Your Email address.
  • Easy to step up – just Scan and QR code
  • You Can Share Between Multiple Devices
  • You Keep Your Regular Whatsapp Numbers TO Stay In Touch Whit love One
  • Holafly offers 24 Customer Support To Solve Any Issue.
  • You Can Keep Your Original Sim Card For Calls And Sms.
Can I Use E Sim Card on my Mobile Phone or Not?

You Should Check if Your Phone Is Compatible Whit E Sim Technology Before You Buy. E sim Are New And Only Available On Sim models. Compatible Device Include Iphon XR XS 11 12. The Same sung Galaxy 20 Fold Z Flip The Google Pixel 3a 4,5 And The Huawei p40 See A Full List Here.

How Much Does a Sim Card For Singapore Cost ;

You Can a Buy Sim Card For a Singapore for $37 Check Out on Line Store Such as Holafly For The Best Deals.

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