Best Prepaid Tourist SIM Cards In Switzerland

Best Prepaid Tourist SIM Cards In Switzerland

Are you visiting Switzerland and never know which prepaid SIM card is best for the internet or call. We will help you to choose the best SIM card that completes your needs while living in Switzerland. There are currently two major mobile phone networks in Switzerland which are Swisscom and Salt Mobile. You may need to read Best Prepaid Tourist SIM Cards In Switzerland full post to get its latest deals and plans.

Both networks have good coverage and good price plans. The third network in Switzerland is Sunrise Mobile which is a part of Salt Mobile and is a 4G. Most of the famous and used networks in Switzerland are Swisscom. We will compare Swisscom and Salt Mobile internet packages and calling plans. By reading this post fully, you can know which network is the best for Switzerland visitors.

List of Mobile Phone networks in Switzerland

  1. Swisscom Switzerland
  2. Salt Mobile
  3. Sunrise Mobile Switzerland
Network Subscribers
Swisscom Switzerland 6.22 Million
Salt Mobile Switzerland 1.8 Million
Sunrise Mobile Switzerland 2.8 Million

While going to Switzerland you can also use the data roaming service of your current prepaid card and can talk with your friends and family at roaming plans of your country network. But doing so will make calls and internet plans very expensive and the better solution would be to buy a prepaid card from a good company in Switzerland.

Here you can compare all networks of Switzerland and can select the best SIM card for you. Currently, Swisscom is the No.1 network because of its good coverage and cheapest calling offer.

1. Swisscom:

Swisscom is offering a Free prepaid SIM card that is available at all airports in Switzerland. If you are looking for Free Prepaid SIM card in Switzerland then Swisscom is offering a Free SIM Card to its new customers. You need only your passport to buy this card from the airport. Swisscom free traveller SIM card offer is just for a limited Salt Mobilee and it can change any Salt Mobilee without any notice.

Swisscom prepaid SIM card is Free which is available on Switzerland Airports. Its tariff plans are given here that you can check and can select the best SIM while your tour in Switzerland. If you buy this SIM card and make calls to the Swiss network then you will be charged 29 ct./min and the international call rate will be 4.50/minute. Just show your passport at the airport and buy a Free SIM card.

These were the tariff plans but if you want to buy packages at a low price then you can see other packages below the table. There are two types of packages that prepaid users can subscribe to. One of the best packages is for 7 days that offers unlimited calls to all of Switzerland, unlimited internet, MMS, & SMS. This package price is 20 CHF and customers can activate this package on any prepaid SIM card that can be bought from their official website

2. Sunrise Mobile Switzerland:

Sunrise Mobile is a 4G mobile phone network in Switzerland that has all types of services like Swisscom and Salt Mobile networks. This network is also offering free prepaid SIM Card to all new travellers. Customers who are visiting Switzerland and looking for a free SIM card can choose a Sunrise Mobile SIM card. This network is offering 7 days, 15 days and 30 days packages types for travellers.

Sunrise is offering prepaid SIM cards for travellers in Switzerland in which customers have to pay a one-time fee of CHF 20. After paying this fee customers will get a prepaid card from Sunrise and they can activate unlimited packages on it to talk with their friends and family and loved ones.

This card is providing unlimited voice calling minutes to all sunrise numbers, unlimited SMS, and unlimited high-speed 4G internet for 30 days. If customers need more data then they can activate add-ones while active these offers. The prepaid add-on is providing 40GB of free data in Europe at CHF 49.90 per month. To activate this add-on simply go to the message and send “unlimited Europe” to 5522.

2. Salt Mobile Switzerland:

Salt Mobile is the third-largest mobile phone network in Switzerland. This network has prepaid, postpaid and broadband connections in all of Switzerland. All new customers who want to get a free SIM card while travelling in Switzerland can get this prepaid card without any charges. Customers can use this prepaid card like the “pay as you go” service after purchasing it from any airport in Switzerland.

Salt has the opportunity of a free prepaid SIM card but you will not get any free resources with Salt. In Switzerland Salt is providing unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for all networks and 5GB free internet for 30 days at 14.95 SFr per month. while active in this package, customers can make free calls, SMS and MMS international.

Comparison of Switzerland Prepaid SIM Card with Lowest Prices

We are providing you with this price table with the low price packages for travellers of all validity.

Items Swisscom Salt Mobile Sunrise Mobile
Package Price 20 CHF 14.95 CHF CHF 49.90
Internet Unlimited Surfing 5GB 40GB
Voice Call Unlimited Unlimited Calls Unlimited
Text Messages Unlimited Unlimited Text Unlimited
International Calls
International SMS
Validity 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days

Swisscom and Salt Mobile have more packages like this. If you want to buy other packages you can visit Swisscom’s official website Sunrise Mobile tourist SIM card prices start from 20 CHF and Swisscom and Salt Mobile tourist SIM cards are free.

Finally, you have to decide which SIM is best for you. We have added the latest price plans, internet, SMS, Voice Call services and international calls offers. You can select any good prepaid card as per your requirement. If you are going to visit Switzerland then we hope that with the help of this post you will select a good prepaid network for yourself. We hope that you will get the benefits of the post “Best Prepaid Tourist SIM Cards In Switzerland”.

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