Best Prepaid SIM Cards to Visit in Canada for Travellers


If you also travel to many countries of the world for leisure, you will definitely like to visit Canada. Because Canada is a country that has cleanliness, quality and peace that no other country has. It is a bit difficult to get a visa in this country, but people living in the United States, Europe, and Italy can easily get a visa here. If you are also visiting Canada, it is important to know the SIMs, prepaid and postpaid networks available there.

By doing this you will know a good Canadian SIM card before you go there and you will not have much difficulty using a mobile phone and communicating with your loved ones. We’re here to provide you with information on mobile phone networks in Canada, their Internet, SMS, calls and international call plans. So this post can be very special for you.

Best Prepaid SIM Cards to Visit in Canada for Travellers

There are currently many prepaid and postpaid mobile phone networks in Canada. But it is very difficult to select one of these good and excellent networks. The prices of packages, plans and internet sim cards of each network and the call minutes or MB contained in them are different. We are going to provide you with some of the best network information that you can use to suit your needs.

List of Telecommunication Mobile & Wireless Networks in Canada:

  1. Vidéotron Mobile
  2. SaskTel
  3. Rogers Wireless
  4. Eastlink Wireless
  5. CCI Wireless
  6. Tbaytel
  7. Rogers Wireless
  8. Fido
  9. TELUS
  10. Bell
  11. Freedom Mobile
  12. Ice Wireless

There are many best Prepaid SIM cards to visit in Canada for travellers but we have to choose one or two networks to use on our smartphones. There are some Wireless networks that provide WIFI services and some networks are providing prepaid, postpaid and fixed lines in Canada. We will only discuss prepaid and postpaid SIM cards in Canada.

When you are travelling and after travelling from one country to another you always have to contact your relatives first. After arriving at the airport, you need a SIM card to contact your relatives who are providing free or cheap minutes for international calls. So it is difficult for a newcomer to find such SIM cards and he searches the internet for free Canada International calls SIM cards and other such words.

Here are just a few of the SIMs that will be providing you with international minutes and their prices will be reasonable compared to other networks. Here are some prepaid cards that are offering free and paid prepaid SIM cards without a contract in Canada.

1. Vidéotron Mobile

Videotron Mobile is offering international calling, texting and internet while living in Canada. This is the first mobile phone network in Canada that is offering free international calling only in Canada and America. There are different types of offers for prepaid customers with different prices and resources. One of the cheap best packages is a 15GB package. From this offer, all prepaid customers can get 15GB of internet data while living in Canada and the USA and 100GB of free data for 1 year. At $85 per month, customers can enjoy unlimited calling and texting to all of Canada and the United States.

Offer Resources Charges Validity
15GB, Unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the USA $85 Monthly
Unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the USA, 10GB/Year $55 Monthly
Unlimited calling and texting in Canada and the USA, 6GB/Year $45 Monthly

Those customers who want to make calls in the United States can activate these packages on any prepaid SIM card. The price of the SIM card will be $120 with 15GB of free internet and unlimited calling to Canada and the USA.

2. Tbaytel

Tbaytel is the second and most famous mobile phone network in Canada which is offering free callings and messaging services to its prepaid and postpaid customers. There are annual, weekly, daily and monthly plans are available at different types of prices that users can get on old and new prepaid SIM cards.

Tbaytel is offering unlimited calling and texting from Canada to all of Canada from $8 per month to $50 per month. With these plans, customers can make unlimited voice calls to any Canadian number for 35 minutes and can send 35 SMS for 1 whole month. Another offer that price is $15 per month is providing unlimited text messages and 50 Canada voice call minutes. You can see other plans details here.

500MB Data, 50 Can Minutes, Unlimited SMS $15/month
1¢/100KB, 35 Canada voice minutes, 35 SMS Canada $8/month
1GB Data, 50 Canada Minutes, Unlimited SMS $25/month
3GB Data, 500 Canada Minutes, Unlimited SMS $35/month
5GB Data, Unlimited Canada Minutes and SMS $45/month
7GB Data, Unlimited Canada Minutes and SMS $50/month

3. Freedom Mobile

Freedom Mobile is offering affordable call, text and internet rates for prepaid customers. Travellers or residents of Canada can order a new prepaid SIM card and can activate a freedom nationwide plan on their SIM. With this offer, customers will receive unlimited call minutes to all nationwide including on all networks. With this package, customers will get unlimited pictures messages, video calls and text messages including free worldwide call receiving.

The price of this plan is $15/month but to get free 1GB of data customers have to pay $10/1GB for 1 month. There are many other plans that users can subscribe to on their SIM card and we have given all these packages below. You can compare and get the best and low-cost Freedom mobile plan on your prepaid SIM.

Talk Text Internet Price/Valid
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB/$10 $19/month
Unlimited Unlimited 1.5GB $19/month
Unlimited Unlimited 2GB $29/month
Unlimited Unlimited 7GB $99/3 month
Unlimited Unlimited 2GB $99/6 month
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB/$10 $99/12 month
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB/$10 $129/12 month
Unlimited Unlimited 5GB/12 month $179/12 month

4. Telus

Telus is another famous and most used mobile phone network in Canada. This network is offering prepaid SIM cards at a lower price of $10. With a prepaid SIM card from Telus Canada, customers can talk with their family, friends and business. This network also has many prepaid calling, text and internet offers that are valid for 30 days, 12 months and 3 months.

When a person arrives at the Canadian airport, he/she can buy a prepaid SIM card for $15 including an offer. So, after ending any prepaid traveller or tourist SIM card in Canada, customers can easily subscribe and activate any internet, SMS and data offered through the Telus app. Nationwide Talk & Text 15 offer is providing 100 free calling minutes nationwide and unlimited free incoming and outgoing messages for 30 days at $15.

Voice Call Text Messages Data Price/Validity
100 Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Incoming & Outgoing Text $15/month
100 Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Incoming & Outgoing Text 100MB FREE Bonus $25/month
400 Local Minutes 400 Text Incoming & Outgoing $100/Yearly
Unlimited Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Nationwide Text 500MB+500MB (Bonus) $30/month
Unlimited Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Nationwide Text 2.5GB+500MB (Bonus) $40/month
Unlimited Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Nationwide Text 4.5GB+500MB (Bonus) $45/month
Unlimited Nationwide Minutes Unlimited Nationwide Text 8GB+500MB (Bonus) $55/month

Customers who have Telus prepaid SIM cards can buy a new SIM card from here. The new SIM card price is $10 which is for one time. There are some other prepaid calling plans and internet offers but those are expensive. So, we have added only some cheap prepaid international and nationwide plans.

Final about Best Prepaid SIM Cards to Visit in Canada for Travellers:

If you visit Canada must buy Telus prepaid card to get an unlimited free trial and free calling. Because other networks are not offering cheap prepaid plans so, we have added just the 4 best prepaid SIM cards for tourists in Canada. We hope that reading the post “Best Prepaid SIM Cards to Visit in Canada for Travellers” helps you to get the best prepaid SIM card while living in Canada.

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