Best Prepaid SIM Card for Travellers for Azerbaijan

Travellers for Azerbaijan For those who want to travel to Azerbaijan and get information about the mobile phone networks there, read this guide in full. There are some prepaid mobile phone networks that have 4G services. All those travellers who are ready to go to Azerbaijan can buy SIM cards at a very low cost and also can choose the best-prepaid card by reading this post fully.

Visitors to Azerbaijan can choose any good prepaid network to talk to their loved ones, which gives all users the benefits of making international calls. There are 4 mobile phone networks in this country but we will give you information about just a few of the networks that give you the most benefits. So, read this post fully to select the best-prepaid traveller SIM card for Azerbaijan.

Best Prepaid SIM Card for Travellers for Azerbaijan

  1. Azercell
  2. Bakcell
  3. Nar
  4. Sazz

From these networks, there are some networks that are not providing prepaid services. Some networks are offering postpaid or fixed lines to their new and old customers. So, we will talk about just prepaid SIM cards in Azerbaijan for travellers. We will compare and give you the list of some calls, internet and international plans. You can check their prices and can select a good prepaid network after reading this post.

1) AzerCell:

Azercell was founded in 1996 and it is providing prepaid and postpaid services in all of Azerbaijan. There is no matter which mobile phone are you using so you can easily insert an AzerCell prepaid card in your phone after arriving at Azerbaijan airport.

Best Offer for Tourist Azercell Network

Azercell is offering a special package for all visitors in Azerbaijan who come abroad. Travellers can buy a Free prepaid Azercell SIM card and can get 20 international minutes and 10GB of internet at &10. SIM card is free but customers have to pay $10 for its package fee. Here are the full details of Traveller SIM card Azercell in Azerbaijan.

Offer Name AzerCell Guest Pack
Price $10
International Calls 20 Minutes
Local Calls $0.029 per minute
Internet 10GB

Other Prepaid Packages for AzerCell

Customers can choose internet, calling and texting offers for any validity. If you need countryside calling in Azerbaijan then this network also offers cheap plans. Prepaid customers can buy Sərbəst plan in which customers can get 2GB of the internet, 350 minutes for all networks in Azercell at $6. To subscribe to this offer send “S10” to 7575 after recharge of $6.

If you want to get more internet or minutes then Azercell is offering 4 more offers to its prepaid customers. Customers can get 5GB to 60GB internet and 500 calling minutes to 4000 Minutes at $9 to $76. In all offers, Whatsapp and Facebook will be free.

A very low-cost offer for Azercell is Sade prepaid offer. This offer is providing 500 On-net minutes and 500 SMS for 30 days. The package price is $6 per month which can be subscribed by sending “S6” to 7575.

2) BakCell:

Bakcell is mostly famous and 99% of people use this network in Azerbaijan. This network is offering prepaid Tourist SIM cards in Azerbaijan in which all travellers can get 10GB internet data and 10GB data for Whatsapp and Facebook. 20 international minutes and 50 minutes for all Azerbaijan networks at 17 AZN per month.

Offer Name Tourist SIM Card Bakcell
Price 17 AZN
SIM Card Price FREE
International Calls 20 Minutes
Local Calls 50 Minutes
Internet 10GB+10GB Social

Customers can activate this package after purchasing a SIM card from any airport in Azerbaijan by dialling *710#. To check how much free data and minutes are remaining in your SIM card you can dial *720#. This is free and you will never be charged by dialling *720#. Those people who want to connect with their family and friends can activate other prepaid offers like unlimited Bakcell call offers and internet offers. The helpline number of Bakcell Azerbaijan is *555.

4) NAR

NAR is the third mobile phone network in Azerbaijan that is offering prepaid & postpaid services. When you will arrive at the Azerbaijan office, you will need international calling minutes. Because after arriving in a foreign country, it is necessary to communicate with one’s family and for this, every person who goes to a new country has some trouble in the beginning. Just like we told you about the other networks above, now we will put the information of this network in front of you.

NAR Full Offer for Prepaid

Package Name Full Bonus Package
Price 49 AZR
Voice Calls On-Net Unlimited
Voice Calls Off-Net 2000 minutes
Voice Calls Roaming 40 minutes
Internet Data 10GB
Internet Roaming 2GB
SMS 2000 SMS (All networks)

The NAR network has great internet, calls and international packages. So far NAR has not launched any good offers for new travellers but we will find some good offers and tell you. NAR is offering Unlimited On-net calling minutes, 2000 minutes for all networks in Azerbaijan, 10GB mobile internet, 2000 SMS for all networks, 40 Roaming minutes, & 2GB roaming internet at 49 AZR. Customers can activate this offer by sending F49 to 777. There are many other packages for prepaid customers but If you are new in Azerbaijan then this package can help you to talk for a long time with your friends and family.

Compare Prepaid SIM Cards in Azerbaijan

Items AzerCell Bakcell NAR
SIM Type Prepaid Prepaid Prepaid
International Calls 20 Minutes 20 Minutes 40 minutes (Roaming)
Voice Calls (On-net) $0.029 per minute 50 Minutes Unlimited Minutes
Voice Calls (Off-net) $0.029 per minute 50 Minutes 2000 Minutes
SMS 2000 SMS
Internet 10GB 10GB+10GB Social 10GB+2GB(Roaming)
Price 17 AZR 17 AZR 49 AZR
Validity 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days

AzerCell and Bakcell are the most famous and mostly used networks in Azerbaijan. You can choose any of the best SIM prepaid cards. Price for travellers’ SIM cards are the same but the resources are different for both networks. After a long time if you want to get everything unlimited then you can select the NAR network. We have given a table of the top three networks in Azerbaijan for comparison. Now you have to decide which network is the best for you. You can comment us your favourite or selected SIM card.

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