Best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia for Travellers

Best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia for Travellers

Are you visiting Malaysia and never know which prepaid SIM card is best for the internet or call. We will help you to choose the Best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia. There are currently two major mobile phone networks in Malaysia which are Hotlink and Unifi Bebas.

Both networks have good coverage and good price plans. The third network in Malaysia is Giler Unlimited which is a part of Unifi Bebas and is a 4G. Most of the famous and used networks in Malaysia are Hotlink. We will compare Hotlink and Unifi Bebas internet packages and calling plans. By reading this post fully, you can know which network is the best for Malaysian visitors.

List of Mobile Phone networks in Malaysia

  1. Digi Malaysia
  2. Celcom
  3. Hotlink Malaysia
  4. Unifi Bebas
  5. Giler Unlimited Malaysia
Network Subscribers
Hotlink Malaysia 7.36 Million
Celcom Malaysia 9.93 Million
Digi Malaysia 10.73 Million

While going to Malaysia you can also use the data roaming service of your current prepaid card and can talk with your friends and family at roaming plans of your country network. But doing so will make calls and internet plans very expensive and the better solution would be to buy a prepaid card from a good company in Malaysia.

Best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia

Here you can compare all networks of Malaysia and can select the best SIM card for you. Currently, Hotlink is the No.1 network because of its good coverage and cheapest calling offer. The best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia is DIGI whose details and tourist card price is given below.

1) Digi Malaysia

Digi is the First largest telecom network in Malaysia which have 10.73 million subscribers in 2021. If you are a traveller and looking for a cheap and international calling plan then this network can be best for you. Digi is offering 4 types of prepaid SIM cards plans that provide international calling minutes, internet, and unlimited talk in Malaysia. We will discuss some best plans that can help you to connect with your friends and family at a low cost. So, here are the details of some prepaid tourist SIM plans of DIGI.

Internet 12GB+Unlimited YouTube & Social
Voice Calls Local Unlimited (all networks)
International Calls 60 Minutes
SIM Card Price FREE
Offer Price RM35
Validity 30 Days

All new customers who want to buy this SIM card have to need to show their passport or national identity card at the airport. SIM card is free but customers have to need to pay it to offer charges that are RM35. Once the SIM card is registered customers can make calls to their home country and in all Malaysia without any hassle.

To check the remaining balance and resources customers can install the DIGI app on their smartphones. For more information, if you have an internet connection you can visit DIGI’s official website

Celcom Malaysia

Celcom is the second-largest mobile phone network in Malaysia which has 9.93 million subscribers. This company is offering 10 days prepaid card in which customers who came from abroad will get 10GB free internet, 2GB free internet roaming, unlimited text and unlimited voice call on Celcom for 10 days. This card price is RM 3 per day and customers can get this SIM card from the Penang International airport.

Here is another offer for tourists that is offering Free 10GB for Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok, Free Fire, PUBG and much more. Customers can get this offer at 10 RM. If you will not get this SIM card from the airport then you can buy a simple prepaid card and also can subscribe to this offer. Default call rates will be

Finally, you have to decide which SIM is best for you. We have added the latest price plans, internet, SMS, Voice Call services and international calls offers. You can select any good prepaid card as per your requirement. If you are going to visit Malaysia then we hope that with the help of this post you will select a good prepaid network for yourself.

3) Hotlink Malaysia

Hotlink is offering prepaid and postpaid services to its clients in Malaysia. This network was founded in 1995 and it is one of the oldest telecommunication networks which has 7.36 million subscribers. If you are looking for the best tourist SIM card in Malaysia then it can be a good network for you. This network is offering 7 days pack in which new customers can get free SIM cards and free unlimited internet + free calls at RM17.

Calls Unlimited Voice Calls
Internet Unlimited Internet
Price RM17
Validity 7 Days
Subscription Code *811#

Customers can subscribe to this offer by dialling *811#. Customers can activate the SIM pack by using the Digi app which is available on Google Play Store and Apple store.

If you need unlimited calls and internet in Malaysia then you can select this SIM card otherwise you can select below given SIM cards. Hotlink Sim cards are available at airports and you can also buy these cards from any nearest store.


Now, you have to decide which prepaid card is the best for you. We have added the Best Prepaid Mobile Network in Malaysia and you can choose any prepaid card that offers free Card with free resources like free calling and the internet.

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