Azerbaijan Internet Plans and Offers Networks in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan internet plans and offers

Azerbaijan is a very lovely country and many people come to this country for leisure. If you have come to this country for leisure, you should know about Azerbaijan’s internet plans here. Because we can’t live without the internet and we need the internet wherever we go. Today I will give you information about the internet plans of some of the best mobile phone networks in Azerbaijan. I visited Azerbaijan in 2019 and I had a hard time there.

I went to Azerbaijan with some of my friends for fun. Because I visit most of the countries in the world, I would love to visit here too. Arriving at the airport, I went to look for telecom network companies and some network representatives were selling prepaid SIMs at the airport. When I asked him for a SIM with unlimited internet, he thought it was too expensive. After a lot of hard work, I found out which SIM card can be bought for how much and what are prices Azerbaijan internet offers.

Azerbaijan Internet Plans and Offers for Tourists

In the previous post, I provide information on Azerbaijan mobile phone networks and their all packages and offers. In this post, I will provide you with a list of all networks’ internet bundles and offers in Azerbaijan for prepaid and postpaid users. You can read this post fully and can filter a best-unlimited internet plan that completes your needs.

There are 4 mobile phone networks in Azerbaijan and all networks are offering prepaid and postpaid services. Azercell, Bakcell and Nar are the mobile phone networks. If you are going to Azerbaijan for a longer period, such as for a month or more, you can select a postpaid SIM card. Also, if you have been in Azerbaijan for a few days and you will be back in a few days after having fun here, you can select a prepaid SIM.

Prepaid SIM

On prepaid SIM you can activate daily, weekly or monthly internet plans. If you choose a postpaid SIM, you will have to pay a monthly bill, which the company may charge you in advance and at the end of the month. Here is a list of Internet packages for all networks in Azerbaijan. From this list, you can find out which network is providing internet for how much. So let’s move on to internet plans.

1. AzerCell

Azercell is offering daily, weekly and monthly internet offers for prepaid customers. These customers can activate 1GB to unlimited internet offers at affordable rates. Some unlimited internet plans are starting from 0.5 AZN to 5 AZN with daily, weekly and monthly validity. If you need unlimited mobile phone internet for 1 day then you can subscribe to its 1 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours pack. These packs are providing unlimited internet for a limited time in which customers can use and download unlimited data and can surf the internet without any data bandwidth limit.

Other packages like weekly unlimited Azercell internet offers are providing unlimited data for 7 days at 1.50 AZN. Customers can subscribe to this offer by sending SMS weekend to 2525. Customers can activate a 1-hour internet package by sending S to 2525. 3 Hours unlimited internet package for Azercell price is 1.49 AZN and users can activate this plan by sending 3S to 2525.

Internet Prices Validity
Unlimited Data 0.59 AZN 1 Hour
Unlimited Data 1.49 AZN 3 Hours
Unlimited Data 2.39 AZN 6 Hours
Unlimited Data 1.50 AZN Weekend
Unlimited Data 2 AZN 1 Night

2. Bakcell

Bakcell have also many internet offers for prepaid customers. These offers are available for weekly, daily and monthly validity. Bakcell is also providing Youtube and social internet packages to its customers so that they can enjoy social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without buying a high-priced plan. If you are a new customer, you can buy a new prepaid Bakcell card from any store or also order it online.

Bakcell is offering 100MB internet price is 0.5 AZN and the 250 Mb internet plan price is 0.75 AZN per day. By activating this package customers will be able to browse all websites and use the social apps. Here are the best internet plans of Bakcell that all prepaid customers can subscribe to easily using the subscription code and method.

Internet Price Validity Subscription
100MB 0.50 AZN 1 Day *444*100#
250MB 0.75 AZN 1 Day *444*250#
500MB 1 AZN 1 Day *444*501#
300MB 2 AZN 7 Days *444*300#
600MB 3 AZN 7 Days *444*400#
1GB 5 AZN Monthly *444*1#
2.5GB 8 AZN Monthly *444*025#
5GB 10 AZN Monthly *444*5#
10GB 15 AZN Monthly *444*10#
20GB 25 AZN Monthly *444*20#
50GB 30 AZN Monthly *444*050#
5GB Social 12 AZN Monthly *134*55#

Customers can check the remaining internet balance by dialling *444# or selecting the option of package checking. If you already have bought an internet package and it is expired then you can review the same package again by dialling *444*555#. To deactivate any package of Bakcell dial *444*0#.

3. Nar

Nar is the third major mobile phone network in Azerbaijan. This network is offering daily, weekly and monthly internet plans for prepaid customers. There are different types of internet plans available for the NAR network in Azerbaijan. Because this network has some expensive plans so this network is never used for the internet so much like Azercell and Bakcell. NAR has 15 days, 20 days and 30 days internet offers that can be subscribed to by using their subscription codes.

NAR unlimited internet bundle for 30 days is available at a low cost for prepaid and postpaid users. customers can get 40GB of internet data for 30 days and unlimited internet data from night to morning. NAR customers can activate and get this offer by recharging the 35 AZN and sending 3XL to 777. After ending the internet pack the internet rate will be charged 1 MB/0.02 AZN. So, you can use internet bundles to avoid expensive rates. Here are some internet plans for NAR users that are valid for prepaid and postpaid customers.

Internet Price Validity Activation
200MB 2 AZN 20 Days Send S to 777
1.5GB 6 AZN 30 Days Send L to 777
5GB 10 AZN 30 Days Send L+ to 777
7GB+Unlimited Night 13 AZN 30 Days Send XL to 777
20GB+Unlimited Night 25 AZN 30 Days Send 2XL to 777
40GB+Unlimited Night 35 AZN 30 Days Send 3XL to 777


Some of these packages you will not find on the official websites of the company as these packages are for a special time and for new customers. If you like any of these nice packages or you know of a good internet plan that is not available here you can let us know in the comments. We will try to upload these plans as soon as possible. We hope Azarbaijan internet plans and cheap internet plans providers post will help you while living in Azerbaijan.

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